Standing Committee Information:



1. The GFA Executive Committee shall be composed of a maximum of nine (9) members including one President and one Vice President.

(i) Each parish which has three clubs or more will be assigned one seat on the Executive to be elected by the clubs in the parish. Parishes with less than three clubs can merge for the purpose of electing a joint representative.

(ii) The President and first Vice President shall be elected by the Annual General Council from among nominees of the clubs in the parishes. “The other positions of the Executive Committee will be attributed to the parishes which comply with the requirement of the three clubs and their representatives will be elected by the members of the parishes”

Length of Mandates

1. (i) The length of the mandate of a member of the Executive Committee shall normally be four (4) years. The President of the Executive Committee of GFA shall be elected for four (4) years. The Vice President shall serve for two years in the first instance; thereafter he shall be elected for a four year term.

(ii) The President and three members from parishes with the greatest number of members shall be elected for a normal term of four years. The Vice President and the remaining members from the parishes shall be elected for a two year term of office in the first instant; thereafter they shall be elected for a four year term.


Areas of Authority

1. The Executive Committee has the authority in the following particular areas:

a) to manage the affairs of GFA;

b) to represent and commit GFA in respect of third parties;

c) to appoint and dismiss the General Secretary, to approve his job specifications and to monitor his activities; the General Secretary shall be appointed on contract on such terms as are deemed fit by the Executive committee;

d) to appoint and dismiss the coaches for the national representative teams and other technical staff .

e) to apply maximum supervision in all the areas of activity of GFA;

f) to prepare for and convene meetings of the Annual and Extraordinary General council;

g) to draft the budget and the accounts;

h) to prepare and submit the activities report to the General Council;

i) to compile the regulations for the organization of standing committees and ad-hoc committees;

j) to approve all regulations provided for in these Statutes or necessary to achieve the objectives of GFA as defined in these Statutes.

k) to institute, organize and abolish official competitions at national, parish and local levels;

l) to maintain relations with the international sporting bodies and also to exercise the rights to propose representatives of GFA for the election to their various bodies;

m) to propose to the General Council any person suitable to be awarded the title of Honorary President or Honorary Member of GFA;

n) to provide information to the members of GFA and the public; o) to issue Instructions or Directives on particular matters to the members of GFA, officials, players or any other person or entity subject to the jurisdiction of GFA;

p) to appoint the members of the Standing Committees.

q) The Executive Committee shall ensure that these Statutes are applied and shall adopt arrangements required for their application.

2. The Executive Committee shall exercise those areas of authority that are not expressly assigned to some other body of GFA.

3. The Executive Committee may delegate tasks arising out of any of its

areas of authority, and may grant mandates to third parties.



Art. 43. Standing Committees

1. GFA shall have as Standing Committees:


a) Committee for Youth Football;

b) Committee for Women’s Football;

c) Futsal Committee;

d) Referees and Assistant Referees Committee;

e) Technical and Development Committee;

f) Finance Committee;

g) Marketing Committee

h) Medical Committee;

i) Internal Audit Committee

j) Competitions Committee

k) Legal Committee

l) Players Status Committee


Committee for Youth Football

1. The Committee for Youth Football consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and five (5) other members. It must have one member from each Parish which has been assigned to organize GFA youth competitions at the parish level.


The duties of this Committee shall be:

a) To deal with matters regarding Youth Football;

b) To submit to the Executive Committee proposals for amendments it considers should be made to regulations regarding Youth Football Competitions;

c) To produce and publish an official report for each competition it organizes.


Committee for Women’s Football

1. The Committee for Women’s Football consists of a chairman, deputy chairman and three (3) other members.


The duties of this Committee shall be:

a) To deal with all matters regarding Women’s Football;

b) To propose to the Executive Committee measures it deems necessary to promote the development of Women’s Football;

c) To organize a Women’s Football Competition from time to time;

g) To produce and publish an official report for each competition it organizes.

Futsal Committee

1. The Futsal Committee consists of a chairman, deputy chairman, and three other members.


The duties of the Futsal Committee shall be:

a) To propose to the Executive Committee measures deemed necessary to ensure the development and control of Futsal Football;

b) To deal with all matters involving Futsal Football;

c) To organize competitions in Futsal Football;

d) To produce a report to the Executive Committee for each Competition in Futsal Football it organizes.


Referees and Assistant Referees Committee

1. The Referees and Assistant Referees Committee consists of a chairman, deputy chairman and five other members with each parish being represented.


The duties of the Referees and Assistant Referees Committee shall be:

a) To make decisions and interpretations regarding the application of the Laws of the Game;

b) To propose to the Executive Committee amendments to the Laws of the Game to be submitted to the IFAB Board;

c) To compile a list of referees and assistant referees qualified to supervise international matches;

d) To appoint referees for matches in competitions organized by the GFA or for any other matches or tournaments, whenever requested by the Executive Committee;

e) To establish uniformity in methods of refereeing;

f) To establish uniform criteria for the inspection of referees and assistant referees;

g) To organize courses for international referees, assistant referees and referee instructors;

h) To draw up a list of instructors and lecturers capable of conducting courses for referees and assistant referees;

i) To ensure that each Parish has a properly constituted referees’ arm and ascertain that these arms function satisfactorily;

j) To review the performance of referee officials and make recommendations to the Executive Committee;

k) To liaise closely with the Technical and development Committee and the General Secretariat of GFA.


Technical and Development Committee

1. The Technical and Development Committee consists of the Chairman , Deputy Chairman, the Head of the Technical Department, the Head Coach and one other member.


The Duties of the Technical and Development Committee shall be:

a) To advise on training methods;

b) To take all possible measures to improve the qualification of coaches;

c) To assist with the selection of players for the various national football teams;

d) To take all possible measures to promote familiarization with and experience in teaching football;

e) To organize courses and conferences for instructors, trainers, coaches and administrators in conjunction with national associations and confederations;

f) To compile material on teaching and coaching techniques for players, trainers, coaches and referees;

g) To deal with all matters concerning the construction of installations and the availability of equipment to teach football;

h) To be responsible for editing the technical section of official GFA publications;

i) To recommend coaches, instructors or trainers to GFA at the request of the Executive Committee;

j) To examine any problems concerning football pitches.


Finance Committee

1. The Finance Committee consists of a chairman, deputy chairman and four other members.


The duties of the Finance Committee shall be: 

a) To monitor the financial administration of the GFA;

b) To advise the Executive Committee on the management of GFA finances and assets;

c) To analyze the GFA budget and financial settlements prepared by the General Secretary, to submit them for approval to the Executive Committee.


Marketing Committee

1. The Marketing Committee consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and three marketing experts.


The duties of the Marketing Committee shall be:

a) To advise GFA on the drafting and implementing of contracts between GFA and its various marketing partners ( “marketing contracts” );

b) To ensure that the terms of marketing contracts are put into effect in the spirit in which they were intended;

c) To propose to the Executive Committee and the General Council any measures deemed necessary regarding marketing contracts to enhance and protect the interest/and or image of GFA;

d) To deal with any specific matters in connections with the fulfilment of the terms of marketing contracts;

e) To advise the Executive Committee and the General Council in a general manner on any matters in connection with the fulfillment of the terms of marketing contracts;

f) To delegate one or more representatives to the meetings of any special ad-hoc committees;

g) To raise funds for clearly defined GFA projects;

h) To assist in the distribution, sales collection and security of all tickets for all events of GFA.


Medical Committee

The Medical Committee consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and three (3) other members.

2. The duties of the Medical Committee shall be:

a) To devise plans for keeping football free from doping;

b) To identify training methods that are least hazardous medically to players;

c) to provide rehabilitation mechanisms for injured national and other players;

d) To provide for the testing of national players medically;

e) To prepare or cause to be prepared and hold confidential medical records of players;

f) To prepare reports for general Council on matters that may adversely affect the performance of national teams medically.

g) To prepare status reports on national teams regarding mental and physical preparedness, injury, ability to cope with stress factors that impact on performance, ability to acclimatize in various environments, and as far as possible provide similar information on opposing teams; and submit such reports to the Technical and Development Committee at least seven (7) days before the start of a competition;

h) To encourage research in football medicine;

i) To establish medical education programmes for members of GFA.


Internal Audit Committee

1. It consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and three (3) members.

The Internal Audit Committee ensures the completeness and reliability of the financial accounting and review the external auditors’ report at the request of the General Council and make recommendations.


Competitions Committee

1. The Competitions Committee shall organize the competitions of GFA which are not already organized by another standing committee in compliance with the provisions of the GFA Statutes and regulations to the GFA competitions. It consists of a Chairman, deputy chairman and three other members.


Players Status Committee

1. The Players Status Committee shall setup and monitor compliance with transfer regulations in accordance with the FIFA regulations on the status of players and determine the status of players for various competitions of GFA. 

The Executive Committee may draw up special regulations governing the Players Status Committee’s power of jurisdiction. 

The players Status committee shall consist of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and three other members.

Players status disputes involving the GFA, its members, players, match and players agents shall be settled by arbitration Tribunal in accordance with the GFA Statutes.


Ad-hoc Committees

The Executive Committee may, if necessary, create ad-hoc committees for special duties and a limited period of time. The Executive Committee shall appoint a chairman, a deputy chairman and the members. The duties and function are defined in special regulations drawn up by the Executive Committee. An ad-hoc committee shall report directly to the Executive Committee.


Legal Committee

The Legal Committee shall analyze basic legal issues relating to football and the evolution of the Statutes and Regulations of the GFA and its members, and it shall consist of a chairman, a deputy chairman and one (1) other member.

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