Information on Grenada

Official Name: Grenada

Dependencies: Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Area: 3 islands,133 sq. miles

Population: approximately 104,000(UN,2009)

Capital: St.George’s

Location: 12 North 61 West

Official language: English


Grenada is a tropical gem in the southern Caribbean Sea. It boasts pristine white sandy beaches and a historic capital (St.George’s) that has been excellently preserved and named a UNESCO Heritage Town. Grenada’s culture is one that carries accents of its history of conquest by the Spanish then later the French and the British as well as African Heritage. Grenada received its independence from Britain on 7th February,2016. Far from the 19th century plantation society, Grenada has now diversified its economy which rests the pillars of Tourism, Agriculture and Information and Communications Technology. Grenada is rated as one of the safest destinations in the world.


Stadia Information

Grenada National Stadium (Cricket)

The Grenada National Stadium is located 5 minutes from the capital city of St. George. The Cricket stadium became the 84th test venue in the world in 2002 when West Indies played New Zealand. In 2004 the venue suffered severe damage from Hurricane Ivan where 80% of its infrastructure was damaged.

The 16,240 seat Stadium was rebuilt in 2007 in time to host the Super 8 stage of the ICC cricket world cup in the West Indies. In July 2007 the venue was officially handed over to the Ministry of Sports who in turn handed it over to the Stadium Authority’s Board of Directors.

Grenada Athletic and Football Stadium

The US$40 million stadium, with a seating capacity of nearly 8,000, was declared open amid much pomp and pageantry in an official ceremony on January 23rd,2016.

The new facility replaces the original athletics stadium which was destroyed when Hurricane Ivan ravaged the country in 2004.

The Stadium recently received a level one rating from the IAAF.

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