Transforming the GFA Premier League

Monday 18th April, 2016


Transforming the GFA’s top tier league into a viable and attractive product for the benefit of all stakeholders was the focus of a meeting with Premier League Clubs over the weekend.

 Discussions at the Fond Community Centre surrounded venues, revenue generation and a need to improve the product of football. 

The GFA season which is carded to start next month will see games being played at nights allowing for greater attendance.

To improve on its delivery of competitions and revenue generation, Premier League matches will only be played in enclosed venues this season. The selected venues are Fond, Progress Park, Victoria Park, Cuthbert Peters Park and the National Athletics Stadium.

Provisions will be made for the clubs and the GFA to share revenue generated through gate receipts and fund raising activities at the various venues.

Additionally, the format will feature home and away double headers. However, consideration will be made for the playing of weekend fixtured matches at one venue (Premier league Caravan) at strategic points during the season.

Furthermore, all parties agreed that the opportunity must be provided to play more football. Therefore, consideration will be given to a midweek League Cup to run alongside the Premier League. This Cup can take the format of 65 matches with a round robin and home and away knockout phases.

Finally, representatives recommended that all clubs benefit through prize monies at the end of the season, which can then be used for Club development.

Commenting on the discussions, GFA President Cheney Joseph said the ultimate goal is to, “give fans an exciting product while giving the player a capacity venue to display their talent.”






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