Women's Football

The Grenada Football Association has taken keen interest in promoting women’s football in the last few years. This interest in manifest in the development of a long term plan for Women’s Football 2015-2018. The Association has access to 20 playing fields which can be used as training grounds for women’s football while there is a total of 745 female registered players and 32 female coaches, Six (6) clubs have female teams. Work is continuing on establishing grassroots programmes for girls, tournaments and festivals as well as technical education programmes for female coaches and referees. Presently, the GFA’s Women’s Football Standing Committee which is 80% female is working to lift the standard of women’s football.

Current Programmes

  • Women’s league
  • Competition (Primary School girls)
  • Competition (Secondary School girls)
  • Girls Football Festivals (Parish)
  • National U17
  • National U20
  • Women’s Senior Team

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Address: National Cricket Stadium, Queen’s Park, St.George, Grenada

Phone: 440-9903/435-3134

E-mail: gfa@spiceisle.com / grenadafootballmedia@gmail.com

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