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Grenada National Football Team Overview

The Grenada national football team proudly represents Grenada in international football and operates under the governance of the Grenada Football Association. As a member of the Caribbean Football Union within CONCACAF, the team is commonly known as “The Spice Boys,” a nod to Grenada’s nickname as the “Island of Spice” or the “Spice Isle.”

Achievements and Milestones (1934–1989)

Grenada’s football journey began on October 13, 1934, with their inaugural international match against British Guiana, resulting in a 2–1 victory. Pre-World War II, they secured wins against British Guiana, Barbados, and St Kitts and Nevis. Notably, in 1961, Grenada triumphed in the Windward Islands Tournament, setting the stage for a series of victories in subsequent years. 

Challenges and Competitive Struggles (1990–2010)

Despite their early successes, Grenada faced challenges in the later years, particularly in the qualifiers for various tournaments. While they qualified for the 1990 Caribbean Cup, setbacks against Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica hindered their advancement. The infamous match against Barbados in the 1994 Caribbean Cup qualifiers marked a unique moment in their football history.

Gold Cup Experience

In 2008, Grenada reached the Caribbean Cup final once again, earning a spot in the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Despite their efforts, they faced a tough competition, failing to score a goal and conceding ten times. Their journey continued into the 2010 Caribbean Cup, securing qualification for the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup but facing challenges in the group stage.

Meet the President

As the current FIFA Regional Manager overseeing football development in the Caribbean, I bring over three decades of extensive experience in the realm of football. My multifaceted involvement encompasses roles in football administration, coaching, and playing.

In addition to my contributions to football, I am a qualified Attorney at Law, duly Called to the Bar in both the United Kingdom and Grenada. My legal background equips me with a comprehensive understanding of maintaining compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, directives, and contractual obligations.

My expertise extends to policy analysis, development, implementation, and monitoring, ensuring adherence to legal frameworks. Proficient in government affairs, political affairs, regulatory affairs, and legislative affairs, I navigate complex global transactions with a keen focus on risk assessment, mitigation, and management.

GFA Premier League continues today.

GFA Premier League continues today.

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