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EC$44.7 million in scholarships awarded 

A total of 83 scholarships, valued at over EC$43.1 million, were granted for studies at St George’s University (SGU). Among these, the Grenada Houston Association (GHA) bestowed 9 awards exceeding EC$12,000, while 8 students were honored with island scholarships totaling more than EC$1.5 million.

The presentations were witnessed by representatives from SGU, the Grenada Houston Association, Education Minister Senator the Hon. David Andrew, along with other government officials and students, both in person and online.

Colin Dowe, SGU’s Associate Dean of Admissions, urged the recipients to embrace their roles as ambassadors for Grenada, their communities, and families. He emphasized the high expectations placed upon them and encouraged them to exemplify the ideals of a Grenadian scholar.

Expressing her elation, nursing student Abi Primus, a recipient of the SGU Scholarship, acknowledged the hard work invested by all awardees, describing the recognition as both unexpected and gratifying.

Minister Andrew underscored the pivotal role of education in national development, urging awardees to contribute to the country’s progress upon completing their studies. He emphasized the government’s commitment to investing in education as a catalyst for societal improvement.

Celine Francis, an island scholar focusing on technical and vocational education and training with aspirations in culinary arts, outlined her plans for utilizing the scholarship to pursue further studies.

Similarly, Breanna Salfarlie, also an island scholar, shared her ambitions of becoming a doctor at SGU and highlighted the financial assistance provided by the scholarship for her clinical rotations in the United States.

Representing the Grenada Houston Association, Eric Barry provided insights into the association’s scholarship program, emphasizing its commitment to supporting education across various parishes and islands.

Krysanthe St Bernard, currently studying culinary arts at T A Marryshow Community College, expressed gratitude for receiving the GHA scholarship, which she plans to utilize for purchasing necessary equipment for her culinary program.

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